On Saturday, September 21, 2019, I am sitting at a table with Jagmeet Singh the leader of the NDP and all I can think about is how simple it is to have a conversation. Why hasn’t Justin Trudeau reached out to our community to have a conversation about his history of Blackface? Why haven’t all the current Liberal candidates had a conversation with the Black community about how we have been affected?

The answer I keep getting varies from
1. He apologized already.
2. Well do you want Andrew Scheer instead?
3. He is the lesser of two evils!
4. Blackface doesn’t really bother me.

Not one person I have talked to in our community has demanded a conversation with Trudeau!

Yes some have sent requests through their local MP but when did our community stop demanding change? A conversation with Elders and community leaders should be mandatory and I am going to advocate for it!

I am demanding a conversation with Trudeau to talk about this issue. I am not demanding it for myself, I am demanding a conversation with our community!

If a conversation is not had with us I will begin a campaign to highlight that Trudeau is ignoring the Black community

I know what I am risking by not letting this go, I have seen a barrage of organizations suddenly pop up as the announcement of $25 million dollars for the black community was made.

i truly do not want to jeopardize money that has been promised to the community but is that our price tag? 25 million and no matter what I do keep your mouth shut? That is what it looks like from my perspective.

Everyday I will be campaigning at a different liberal office until a conversation is agreed upon. This is not something that can wait until after the election. The conversation must be had now!

There is a community Summit being held this Friday September 27th put on by a coalition called SETSI (Social Economy through Social Inclusion) A coalition of over 100 organizations and community leaders. This would be the perfect platform for Trudeau to attend and have a conversation with community elders and local leaders in our community.

Consider this a formal invitation for the Prime Minister of Canada to move beyond just empty words and promises and show our community that he is truly sorry and is willing to hear direct from us about the impact it had and how we can move forward. Drop what you are doing and show up for a conversation #TrudeauLetsTalk

An apology from your private jet does not cut it!