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There are two pressing issues in our community today that need our attention.

  1. The federal and provincial governments are investing $187billion dollars in infrastructure development, however some very powerful lobbyists are trying to removecommunity benefit agreements that impact Black and Indigenous construction and engineering firms.

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  1. The press release for the meeting on June 24th is below and also attached for your review, please spread the word to any Black Owned Businesses or Allies that are in your network. Thanks!

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For Immediate Release: Watch our Video Announcement Here

June 11, 2020

The Time Is Now! 

Building Economic Strength Amongst Black Businesses

In recent days we have been hearing growing concerns from the Black Business Community. Covid-19 safeguards have affected the day-to-day operations and financial health of many businesses, which has forced the complete overhaul of our models. Isolation abounds and there is an urgent need for Black business owners to come together.

Around the world people have united, marching for justice, protesting for change, and lobbying for a better future. Building the foundation of that future requires the Black business community to assemble our allies and galvanize our economic strength.

Now is the time to establish economic inclusion and foster connections amongst Black businesses. In the spirit of unity, our non-profit organization ACBN is partnering with SETSI, CAMSC, HC, NAACC, Dream Legacy Foundation and the BBPA to invite members of the Black Business Community and our allies to the following emergency meeting: “The Time Is Now! Building Economic Strength Amongst Black Businesses.“ Register here for June 24th Online Meeting:

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss our next steps forward as a community. Attending this initial meeting to will allow them to gain valuable insight into the importance of building strategic alliances and networking. We will also discuss opportunities currently available such as government procurement, social finance and blue-chip contracts.

This meeting marks one of many steps towards the redistribution of wealth in Canada and truly democratizing the economy.


Ryan Knight

647-225-3309 –

President – Afro Caribbean Business Network Foundation (ACBN)

Director of Economic Development – Social Economy Through Social Inclusion (SETSI)

I would like to thank all the organizations that are supporting this initiative with more to follow:

Afro Canadian Real Estate Society

Black Business Initiative

Black Business Professionals Association

Canadian Association Minority Supplier Council

Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals

Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce


Detailing Knights Youth Foundation

Dream Legacy Foundation

First Fridays

Organja Society

Nigerian and Canadian Business Association

Out of the Box

One Full Circle

Sheridan College EDGE

Social Economy Through Social Inclusion

The African &  Canadian Association of Ottawa

The Global Black Festival of Arts & Culture Canada

The O.N.E.

UNDPAD Push Coalition